You work hard for your clients and deserve to have a producers group (or marketing organization) that works just as hard for you. Ideal Producers Group was founded to provide concierge-level quality services to producers like you for both annuity and life insurance needs. We commit to deliver truly independent and unbiased marketing assistance with quality products from top ranked insurance companies. We strive to create a “partnership plan” that addresses YOUR needs, YOUR goals, and YOUR business model.


God and family come first.

We are committed to understanding our Members and their businesses so that we may properly serve them.

We are hardworking, trustworthy, friendly and responsive.

We are a goal-focused organization that seeks and embraces changes that help us to achieve our goals.

We pitch in and help each other out.

We help those less fortunate than ourselves and contribute a percentage of our profits to charitable organizations.

We are competent experts in our field; focused on growing as individuals and as a company.

A positive attitude is everything – we are part of the solution, not part of the problem.

We value and actively seek input from all of our associates to improve our business.

We will at all times run our company based on these and other Biblical principles.





After his family and his faith, Ron Essary is most passionate about the insurance industry in which he has had a career for more than 30 years. He began in 1979 as a field agent, then went on to start a marketing organization which eventually serviced more than 15,000 agents. After leading that successful company for over 20 years, he resigned and for a short time considered retirement.

Ron quickly realized there were too many Agents needing support, marketing concepts to be shared, and former employees needed jobs! So, in January 2009, Ron and his Partners started a new marketing organization; however, this time around he had a different vision, and Ideal Producers Group was formed. The purpose of the producers group concept is to provide Agents with an opportunity to join an organization that offers networking and personalized services which have never before been available. “I want to promote an organization where the Members help each other achieve success”, Essary explains. “When this happens, everybody wins--including the consumer. All it takes is strong communication and some fresh ideas. I think that's what I can bring to the table.”

Ron and his wife, Annetta, live in Shawnee, Kansas with their two daughters, Alexis and Madison.





As a busy mother to five children, Karen Essary is no stranger to hard work or to the joys of helping others. While she is the leader of the Marketing Team at Ideal Producers Group, she is also quick to put herself in the middle of a task when it means helping an Agent toward success. Karen says, “I've been helping Annuity and Life Producers for more than 24 years, and it never gets old. I think part of the reason is that we encourage our Members to bring us their difficult cases or unique needs, because if they know they can count on us when the job is tough, then they are confident in our services every day.”

Prior to developing and leading the Marketing Team at Ideal, Karen was the successful manager of a team of annuity advisors responsible for over $300 Million in annual premium. And, though her previous position was with a much larger organization, Karen believes the competition has nothing on IPG. She explains, “It is so exciting to be able to work at Ideal Producers Group where we are a young company, yet we offer our Members so much! From knowledge and education to incentives and bonuses to service and support--we provide it all. We invest everything we can back into our Agents because, after all, they are the reason we exist.”

Karen lives in Shawnee, KS with her five children: Kyle, Dalton, Kennedy, Delaney, and Kaitryn. She in passionate about her faith and family, and is also a die-hard Denver Broncos fan. And you will never catch her missing a KU basketball game!